LTA offers advisory services, legal and company-specific needs of your company. The professionals who work with the study can assist in the formation stage and start-up of the business company, and in general for all the preparatory activities for a new venture in Italy – such as drafting of statutes, shareholder agreements , financing of the company.

LTA Advisory accompanies you in handling various requirements such as:

• Compliance with legislation related to privacy, antitrust, relations with authorities, protections of the rights of intellectual and industrial property;

• Checks with the public administration in the field of commercial and administrative authorizations, licenses, planning practices.

Advisory LTA will also assist in a reliable and responsible for all necessary corporate magazines such as:

• Establishment of the budget – and consolidated financial statements – drawn up in accordance with the law;

• Preparation of reports and corporate documents;

• Compliance and deposits telematics acts at chambers of commerce (business register, register of small business, etc).

Even in the event of extraordinary Advisory LTA is able to assist with the preparation of acts and resolutions: for corporate transfers , to draw up plans and agreed debt restructuring in bankruptcy, winding up of the company.